Our Battery Tips

When selecting which battery is required for your buggy, then motor power, usage & course conditions should be taken into account. Our battery wizard can help you to select the right battery for you.

During play to minimise the drain on the battery avoid taking your buggy into the rough when possible & do not use buggy to pull you up hills.

Keep batteries in a warm, dry place. Do not leave your battery or charger on the cold concert floor of a garage or on a flammable surface.

Always charge the battery shortly after each game, regardless of how many holes played.

Your battery is recommended to be left on charge when not in use as the charger is a digital smart charger. Once the battery is fully charged the charger will change to trickle charge & will keep your battery charged as required.

Be conscious of overcharging. Ensure your charger’s lights are displaying correctly

If you will not be using the battery for more than a month, fully charge the unit, remove from charging & store in a warm, dry location. Attempt to use the battery every 1 – 3 months either by lending to a friend or family member for a round or removing the wheels & running the unit in a stationary position for half an hour. Place it back on charge till fully charged & store again.

Never attempt to fully discharge your battery

Take care not to drop your battery as this may cause damage

If you find your battery shrinking, expanding or has been broken/ cracked discontinue use. Chemicals inside battery are be flammable & may be a danger.

When purchasing a new SLA battery, it is recommended to also purchase new battery leads as the connectors wear out & will affect the performance of your battery.

Batteries & chargers can be tested by a golf buggy or battery service centre to check the condition of the units.

If you are planning on taking your battery on air travel we advise to contact your airline prior to travel.

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