Frequently Asked Questions

Please use our ‘battery wizard’ to assist choosing a battery for your unit.

  • Please check volt rating on your battery.
  • The charger needs to be matched to its respective battery
    • 12v SLA battery with 12v SLA charger.
    • 12v Lithium battery with 12v Lithium charger.
    • 24v Lithium battery with 24v Lithium charger.

Yes. Charge your new battery for at least 8 hours or overnight before use.

  • Lithium & SLA batteries are virtually maintenance free.
  • On SLA batteries check connections & tighten when necessary.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean

It is recommended to be left on charge when not in use as the charger is a digital smart charger & will switch to power saving mode when required.

If you will not be using the battery for more than a month, fully charge the unit, remove from charging & store in a warm, dry location. Attempt to use the battery every 1 – 3 months either by lending to a friend or family member for a round or removing the wheels & running the unit in a stationary position for half an hour. Place it back on charge till fully charged & store again.

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